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Dark Shadows

Posted by john Donnelly on February 15, 2014 at 6:10 PM

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Image

This was a really funny movie....good cast, good story, worth watching

About Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows is a 2012 American horror comedy film based on the gothic soap opera of the same name that was produced for television between 1966 and 1971. The film is directed by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, a 200-year-old vampire who has been imprisoned in a coffin.

Collins is eventually unearthed and makes his way back to his mansion, now inhabited by his dysfunctional descendants. Collins also discovers that his jealous ex-lover, Angelique Bouchard, played by Eva Green, has taken over the town's fishing business that was once run by the Collins family (Bouchard is a witch who was responsible for transforming Collins into a vampire). Michelle Pfeiffer also stars as Collins' cousin, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the reclusive matriarch of the Collins family. The film had a limited release on May 10, 2012, and was officially released the following day in the United States.

The film was a box office disappointment and received mixed-to-negative reviews from critics, many of whom praised its visual style and consistent humor, but felt it lacked a focused or substantial plot and developed characters.

The film marks Richard D. Zanuck's last as producer, as he died two months after the film's release. It also featured the final film appearance of original series actor Jonathan Frid, who died before Zanuck on April 14. He shared a cameo in the movie with former series co-stars Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Selby, and Lara Parker, as well as with rock musician Alice Cooper.

Dark Shadows Plot

In 1760, the Collins family migrates to America from Liverpool and sets up a fishing port in Maine, naming it Collinsport. Sixteen years later in 1776 the son, Barnabas (Johnny Depp), has an affair with a maid, Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), who is a witch infatuated with him since childhood. When he tells her he doesn't love or want her, Angelique kills his parents. Barnabas then falls in love with Josette du Pres (Bella Heathcote). In a fit of jealousy, Angelique bewitches Josette into leaping from a cliff to her death. Barnabas leaps after her in grief, but he survives because Angelique turns him into an immortal vampire. Still unable however to win him over, Angelique finally rouses a mob to capture and bury Barnabas alive in a chained coffin in the woods and curses his family.

One hundred ninety-six years later, in the year 1972, a young girl who is driving on a train to Collins-port looking for a better life and an old friend of hers. She practices saying her name but instead she decides not to be call by her real name so she uses "Victoria Winters" as a new name. Once she leaves the train station she waits on the side of the road for a ride, and gets picked up by a van full of hippies that takes advantage of her by calling her "Veronica". She gets dropped off in front of a manor and meets the family that live in the old manor, and Willie Loomis (Jackie Earle Haley) the caretaker of the manor, Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer) Elizabeth tells Victoria about the legendary Barnabas, 10-year old David and his mother's death. Fifteen years-old Carolyn (Chloe Grace Moretz) meets Victoria and talks about going to Manhattan. Victoria then receives a job as a governess for the family. At dinner, Victoria meets Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), David's psychiatrist and tells Roger (Jonny Lee Miller) about herself while Carolyn plays loud music. Roger yells at Carolyn and orders her to turn the music she's playing down. Victoria then notices a 'ghost' in the room. Elizabeth tells the ghost Victoria will be his new governess.

The 'ghost' is revealed to be Roger's young son, David (Gulliver McGrath). Victoria tries to tell him ghosts aren't real and it's just his imagination even though she was scared. Carolyn and David start arguing. Carolyn gets sent to her room depressed, after yelling she is never understood. That night, Victoria, while unpacks a few belongings from her bags Victoria spots a sheet and thinks it's David again, but instead there is a real ghost under the sheet announcing her 'he is coming' before disappearing. Meanwhile, construction workers accidentally free Barnabas from his coffin, who reluctantly slakes his two-century thirst by feeding on and killing his rescuers. He makes his way back to his manor, he encounters Willy whom he making him his willing servant,her daughter Carolyn and David while they watch T.V. Elizabeth is shocked and talks to him about it, he asks her about the legend of Barnabas Collins and the family curse , which Elizabeth believes are myths,upon convincing Elizabeth of his identity by revealing a secret treasure room behind the fireplace, Barnabas is allowed to stay under the condition that he never reveal either the room or the fact that he is a vampire to the rest of the family. At breakfast, Elizabeth makes him out to be "Barnabas Collins III", a distant relative from England who has come to restore the family's business and reputation in town. Barnabas becomes very deeply attracted to Victoria, whom he briefly mistakes for his lost Josette, and immediately begins to pursue her romantically.

Angelique arrives at the manor and sees Carolyn listening to music and meets Elizabeth. As Barnabas notice her he gets permission to talk to her and she tells him that she changed Collins port to Angel Bay after kissing him. Barnabas and Elizabeth start to figure out what to do. They try to rebuild the house and Barnabas tries to get use to living in the house. While Carolyn listen to music on television he plugs the T.V. because the song on T.V. is so annoying. That night Willie takes him to a pub to take to see Silas Clarney.

While Roger sits in a chair in front of a window smoking, he founds out the door to the secret treasure room is opened and sees Barnabas comes out of it with some stuff in his hands. He climbs up the stairs of Carolyn's room and sees her lava lamp. Dr. Hoffman hypnotizes him and realizes he's a vampire and gets angry at Elizabeth. Barnabas asks Carolyn why she doesn't have a boyfriend. Carolyn tells him if he wants to be like a normal people he got to get use to being around normal people so later on that night he sat by a fire with some hippies and killed all of them by drinking their blood. Dr. Hoffman tricks Barnabas into thinking she's gonna make him human but really though she's using a blood transfusion to make her too a vampire. He talks to Victoria at the shore. At Angelique's fishery she hosts a meeting with a few men.

While Willie waits in his car for Barnabas, Angelique talks to Barnabas in her office covincing him to sell their fishery to her.She tries to win him back, later convincing him to make wild, passionate love with her in the office, if he doesn't she will kill Victoria but he still rejects her, as he loves Victoria. Dr. Hoffman once again use Barnabas' blood. Victoria had nightmares about her childhood that night and follows Josette's ghost. He decides inviting the entire town to a party(which he calls a ball) at the manor featuring Alice Cooper (whom Barnabas mistakes for a female due to Cooper's name). Barnabas sees David by a secret door and orders him to move out the way. he also notice Roger kissing another woman at the party. Carolyn questions her mother where is her dad before Alice Cooper begins a new song.Barnabas spots Victoria out on the balcony alone, she tells Barnabas something has had her come to Collinsport to Barnabas then Victoria reveals to Barnabas that her parents committed her to an insane asylum, (under her real name "Maggie Evans"), as a child because she could see and talk to an invisible friend, (Josette's ghost). Angelique arrive at the party in a red sparkly red looking for Barnabas. They kiss and confess their feelings for each other unknowingly Angelique witness this scene

Meanwhile, Dr. Hoffman has discovered Barnabas' true nature after hypnotizing him. She convinces him to try an experimental procedure to become a regular human again via blood transfusions using her own blood, but her real intent is to use his blood to become a vampire to avoid aging. Upon discovering this betrayal, Barnabas drains her to death and dumps her in the ocean. Barnabas catches Roger trying to find the secret room and exposes Roger's lack of interest in his son. Barnabas makes him choose between being a good father to David, or leaving the family with sufficient funding to satisfy his greed. Roger chooses to leave, deeply wounding his son's feelings. Immediately afterwards, Barnabas rescues David from a falling disco ball and stumbles into a beam of sunlight, burning his skin and exposing his secret to the horrified children and Victoria.

Later that night, Angelique calls Barnabas into her office, coaxes him into confessing Dr. Hoffman's murder Angelique offers him a choice to love her again or put him again in the coffin, Barnabas leaves choosing neither she pulls Barnabas in the coffin using her magic powers and traps him in another coffin, she then burns down the Collins' canning factory. Angelique leaves Barnabas in the family's crypt and leaves a the scene where the factory burned down Angelique plays a recording of the murder confession to the police and gathered townsfolk, once more turning them against the family. Angie leads the mob to Collinswood to arrest the family,attacking her in front of the mob, thereby Barnabasb walks up to Angelique exposing both his and her true natures and pushes him through the door. As the townspeople to leave,Angelique and the Collins family have a big fight, while Angelique and Barnabas violently hit each other, Barnabas accidentally throws her up the ceiling in Carolyn's room which upset her. The maid cleans Barnabas up and sees Elizabeth with a gun and she shoots her in the arm. Angelique corrects Elizabeth and makes everything in the house comes alive.After Barnabas hits Angelique,she cause the house to bleed. Elizabeth shoots a live snake that is curved around the steps. Carolyn turns into a "werewolf" and Angelique knocks Carolyn out by throwing her across the air, and reveals killing David's mother at sea,when Carolyn was a baby she sends a werewolf over to there houae to bite her and make her half human half werewolf,and killing Barnabas's Parents, David stands up for Barenabas and tells her to leave when she refuses David summons his mother's "vengeful ghost". The ghost gives a single scream which knocks Angelique into the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Before she dies she pulls out her heart and offers it to Barnabas; he refuses the heart, trying to make her admit she didn't really love him, she just wanted to possess him, and it shatters as Angelique dies. Barnabas then discovers that Angelique has bewitched Victoria into jumping off of Widow's Hill, the same cliff Josette did.After Carolyn turns back to her normal self Elizabeth,Carolyn,David, and Willie stand outside while the Manor burns down. Barnabas arrives moments before Victoria is about to jump and breaks her hypnosis, but she reveals she wanted to fall. She pleads with him to make her a vampire so that they can remain together forever, but he refuses. She then casts herself off, forcing him to follow and bite her to save her life, and Victoria, now realized as Josette, wakes up as a vampire. As the two kiss on the rocks in the waves,

The film ends with an underwater scene showing a school of fish swimming away from Hoffman, who suddenly revives due to managing to make it far enough into the transfusions.wiki

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