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Godzilla (2014) Movie

Posted by john Donnelly on June 10, 2014 at 11:25 AM

Godzilla (2014) Movie

Godzilla (2014) Movie Poster

Godzilla was a cool movie, action packed, good story, great special effects, worth watching

About Godzilla (2014) Movie

Godzilla is a 2014 American science fiction monster film directed by Gareth Edwards. The film is a reboot of the Godzilla film franchise. It retells the origins of Godzilla in contemporary times as a "terrifying force of nature", depicted in a style faithful to the Toho series of Godzilla films. It stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn, and Bryan Cranston. The screenplay is credited to Max Borenstein but includes contributions from David Callaham, David S. Goyer, Drew Pearce, and Frank Darabont.


The film is a co-production between Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures. Warner Bros. will also distribute the film worldwide, except in Japan where it will be distributed by Toho. Filmed in the United States and Canada, it is the second Godzilla film to be fully filmed by an American studio, the first being the 1998 film of the same name. The film was released worldwide in 2D and 3D on May 15, 2014; in North America on May 16; with releases scheduled in China on June 13 and Japan on July 25, 2014.wiki

Godzillia (2014) Movie Plot

In 1954, the United States tests atomic bombs, detonating one when a large creature surfaces from the ocean. In 1999, Project Monarch scientists Ishiro Serizawa and Vivienne Graham investigate a colossal skeleton in a collapsed Philippines mine. Two egg-shaped pods are discovered, one broken open, leaving a trail to the sea. In Japan, the Janjira nuclear plant experiences unusual seismic activity. Joe Brody, the American-born plant supervisor, sends his wife, Sandra, and a team of technicians into the reactor to check the sensors. When the team is inside, an explosion occurs, threatening to release radiation to the outside. Sandra and her team are unable to escape, and the plant collapses into ruin. The disaster is attributed to an earthquake.


Fifteen years later, Joe's son Ford is a United States Navy bomb disposal officer, living in San Francisco with his wife and son. Joe is arrested for trespassing at the Janjira exclusion zone, forcing Ford to return to Japan. Joe, convinced of a cover-up of the true cause of the disaster, convinces Ford to accompany him to their old home to retrieve vital seismic data he recorded before the plant's collapse. They find that Janjira is not contaminated, unlike the official report. After recovering the data, they are arrested and taken to a facility containing a massive chrysalis within the plant's ruins. Suddenly, a colossal winged creature emerges and escapes. Joe is wounded in the mayhem and later dies. Serizawa, Graham and Ford join a U.S. Navy strike force led by Admiral William Stenz on the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CVN-88) to track the creature, identified as a MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism).


On board, the scientists reveal the existence of Godzilla, an ancient alpha predator, which fed off radiation in an age when radiation levels were higher. As Earth's radioactivity declined, it moved underground. In 1954, it was awoken by a deep sea expedition and the early nuclear tests were attempts to kill it. Monarch was formed to study the creature, while keeping their existence secret. Ford reveals that Joe had monitored echolocation signals, indicating the MUTO was communicating with something else.


A U.S. Army Special Forces team finds the MUTO feeding off the wreckage of a Russian nuclear submarine in a forest near Honolulu. While Ford waits for a flight back to San Francisco, the military attacks the MUTO and a battle ensues at the Honolulu airport. Godzilla arrives, causing a tsunami that devastates Waikiki. After briefly fighting Godzilla, the MUTO flies away. Meanwhile, the second pod, housed at the Nevada Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, hatches into a large, female MUTO and destroys Las Vegas. The scientists conclude that the two MUTOs are communicating and will meet to breed.


Ford and the Navy follow Godzilla from Hawai'i and estimate that the monsters will meet in San Francisco Bay. Admiral Stenz approves the detonation of a nuclear bomb to kill all three monsters, over the scientists' objections. A train — loaded with two warheads — heads to San Francisco, but is intercepted and destroyed by the female MUTO, which consumes one of the warheads. The other warhead is airlifted to San Francisco, where it is put on a boat and armed. The male MUTO steals the warhead and presents it to his mate, who constructs a nest around it in downtown.


Godzilla surfaces at the Golden Gate, where he is confronted by a military presence. After the military fails to deter Godzilla from entering san Francisco Bay, Stenz agrees to let the monsters fight. While the monsters fight, Ford and a team of soldiers attempt to disarm the warhead in the MUTO's nest, entering the city by HALO jump. Finding it damaged, they take it to a boat for disposal at sea. Ford destroys the nest, distracting the female from the fight. Godzilla kills the male MUTO by impaling it on a skyscraper. The female kills the team at the boat, and is about to kill an injured Ford, when Godzilla intervenes. Godzilla kills the female MUTO using his atomic breath and beheads her before collapsing. Ford gets the boat out to sea and is rescued just before the warhead detonates. Ford is reunited with his wife and son.


Godzilla, thought to be dead, suddenly awakens and lets out one final roar, heading out to sea as he is hailed as "King of the Monsters" and the question "Savior of our city?" is asked at the end.

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