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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Posted by Karin Sutherland on April 7, 2015 at 11:20 PM
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Just got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 yesterday. I've been thinking on getting a tablet for some time now, and being a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone user, I thought it would be so easy to use, as it uses the same Android Operating System, so when I saw the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 on offer, I had to buy it. (I'm addicted to bargains.) The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is as easy to use as the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. After setting it up and getting on line, I was keen to try everything on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, that I had previously used on my phone, and now my phone is being slightly neglected.lol The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is great for surfing the Web, Social Media, playing games, watching movies and TV shows, taking photos and videos, and much more. I'm addicted to my new toy!

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