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Why You're Not Seeing Muscle Gains

Posted by john Donnelly on May 24, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Why You’re Not Seeing Muscle Gains

Many a time, people get frustrated that in spite of their best efforts, they fail in gaining weight or building muscles. They eat a restricted diet; follow right exercise routines, take care of proper nutrition and still, their bodies refuse to build up on weight or muscles. Are you also one of those people? Do you want to know why your attempts at building muscles are failing miserably? Just like many areas that contribute to a successful muscle building routine, there may be many reasons for this failure. Let us examine some of those possible reasons that might be frustrating and defeating your muscle building attempts.



For a successful muscle building regimen, you need to be aware of four important factors:


Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition:


Proper meals, required amount of calories and calculated nutrition are very important part of muscle-building process. Check out if you are lacking in any of these areas of food and nutrition:


1. Not getting enough calories?


Calories are the fuel body requires for proper functioning and a certain amount of calories is needed to maintain the body’s current weight. This is also known as the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Each person’s BMR differs according to different criteria such as activity level, body mass and weight. Any decrease (lower BMR) or increase ( higher BMR) in required amount of calories leads to a decrease or increase of weight. If you are not getting enough calories then working out will deplete your stored calorie and you will end up getting thinner instead of gaining weight. You can use any BMR calculator to know how much calories you need per day and accordingly, set up your diet plan. To build muscles and weight gaining, you’ll need more calories than your required daily amount ( weight maintenance amount).


2. Not eating enough meals?


Did you say three square meals a day? That is for those who eat to live. If you want to build muscles and gain weight, you will have to eat to build and gain. Have at least six smaller meals a day, instead of three large meals, and spread those at regular intervals. It’s like you are pumping fuel in your body to keep burning the fire at steady pace. Again, remember that your meals are not going to be regular meals but will follow specialized diet plans and you’ll have to keep track of what you are eating. Your food will also include some power shakes that you can use as meal replacements.


3. Are you eating the right food?


Now we come to the all important question; are you eating the right food? Eating more calories is half the answer, eating right calories completes the circle. If you eating high carb- low protein diet, you’ll put on weight but not build muscles. The best way of getting right calories is to break your food groups into protein/ carbohydrate/ fat or “P/C/F” ratios. The best ratio for those who want to build muscles is 30/50/20. In simple words, you will need 30% of your total calories from protein foods, 50% from carbohydrates and 20% from fat.


4. Workout nutrition:


Not only meals, but you’ll have to take care of pre-workout and post-workout nutrition as well. Pre-work out nutrition is necessary to prepare your body for the rigours of exercises. Post-workout nutrition takes care of replenishing the depleted levels of calories.


5. Water? What about Water?


Don’t make the mistake of keeping away from drinking enough water. The body tends to start storing water (called water retention) to keep itself hydrated in case you do not drink enough water. Water retention will make you look flabby and show as if you have gained weight. But muscles will disappear under that flab.


6. Do you have a good workout routine?


You have eaten properly, taken care of nutrition but what about the most important part of muscle-building and gaining weight? Yes, your workout routine. Do you have a good workout plan or is it just an assembled group of some exercises picked up from here and there? Focused workouts (in this case on muscle building and weight gain) can do wonders in transforming your body. Whereas a general workout routine will be generally beneficial for getting fit, but will not address your specific goals of muscle building. Here are some of the things that you might be doing wrong in your workout routine:


Using the same workout for long periods: this makes the body to get into a routine and slow down progress. It is like your body gets immune or bored with the same stuff getting done over and over again. Keep your exercises flexible and alternate those at regular interval.


Bad Exercise technique: Proper exercises done with a bad technique will end up harming your body instead of building your muscles. Be careful about following proper instructions and going about your exercises with slow and steady pace and process.


Doing wrong exercises: If you want to build your abdominal muscles, focus on exercises that work on these muscles. Working out to be a boxer is different from working out to be a runner. Make sure you are doing the right exercises for your intended fitness goal.


Ignoring your legs: The strength of your body relies heavily on the strength of your legs. Even for 6-pack abs, you need to perform exercises that bring power and strength to your legs.


7. Have you forgotten about rest?


Fatigue might be one of the reasons why your workout routines slow down in showing results. If you are too tired and not getting enough rest then the body stops working at full speed. To get highest results from your workouts, proper rest is as essential as good nutrition.


8. Lacking motivation?


Everything is in place, but you just don’t feel up to it. It could be one important factor behind a sluggish growth in your muscle building process. A focused hand-lens can burn up a paper with sunlight. An unfocused mind cannot achieve anything. Keep up your motivation level; keep dreaming of the toned body and 6-pack abs that you want. A motivated workout routine can quicken the pace of building up those muscles! 

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