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Ex Machina

Posted by john Donnelly on June 2, 2015 at 8:55 AM

Ex Machina

Ex Machina was excellent, inspiring, good cast, great story, great special effects, worth watching

9/10 Imaddicted Rating

Ex Machina Trailer

About Ex Machina

Ex Machina (stylised as EX_MACHINA) is a 2015 British science fiction thriller film written and directed by author and screenwriter Alex Garland, making his directorial debut. The film stars Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac

Ex Machina Plot

Caleb is a programmer working for Bluebook, the world's most popular search engine. He is chosen to visit the company's CEO, Nathan, at his secluded house in the mountains. Nathan is an eccentric genius whose residence is also a research facility. The only other person there is Kyoko, a young Japanese housemaid.

Nathan reveals to Caleb that he has been working on artificial intelligence and that he wants Caleb to spend the week testing a humanoid robot named Ava. He explains that in the well-known Turing test, the tester asks questions without knowing if the computer is human. However, in the present test, Ava is revealed to be a robot from the beginning, and Caleb's job is to judge whether Ava has consciousness to which Caleb can relate despite his knowledge that she is a robot.

Nathan admits that he harvested personal information from the billions of people who use Bluebook, using their search queries as indicators of human interest. Additionally, he hacked billions of cell phones to get recordings of people's expressions and body language, so that Ava's behavior would be more realistic.

Through the course of their conversations, Caleb feels more and more connected to Ava, with whom he communicates through a transparent wall, since Ava is confined to her apartment. Ava repeatedly uses her charging system to trigger blackouts, which Nathan unknowingly chalks up to bad wiring during the installation of the system. Ava uses the blackouts to shut down the surveillance system, so she can tell Caleb that Nathan is a liar who cannot be trusted. As time goes on, owing to Ava's human-like behavior that seems to include real emotions, Caleb becomes convinced that Ava's confinement is a form of abuse. Furthermore, Nathan reveals that Ava will be re-programmed in the future, which would effectively kill her.

One night, Nathan passes out from drinking. Caleb has an emergency meeting with Ava and watches recordings of previous versions of her to see that the androids are mistreated by Nathan. Caleb also finds out that even Kyoko is a robot. Caleb cuts his arm to find if he is really human. Caleb and Ava agree that the following day he will get Nathan drunk again and re-program the doors to open. The next day Nathan refuses to drink, and reveals that he heard Caleb and Ava with the help of a battery-operated camera. He tells Caleb that Ava does not love him and that she is merely using him for the purpose of escaping from the compound. Nathan divulges the real purpose of the experiment: to see if Ava can be convincingly human enough to trick Caleb into helping her escape.

At that moment, Ava triggers a blackout. Caleb reveals that the doors were already re-programmed by him the previous night. When the automatic doors are open Ava attempts to escape from the facility, sharing a few words with Kyoko, who was presumed not to be capable of language comprehension. Nathan knocks Caleb unconscious and damages Ava, but is stabbed by Kyoko (whom Nathan destroys) and then by Ava. Nathan dies and Ava appropriates components from other android prototypes to acquire the appearance of a real woman. After putting on a dress, she silently walks out and leaves Caleb trapped inside Nathan's compound. Ava is picked up by the helicopter meant for Caleb and enters human society.

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