Imaddicted.co.uk This site for people that are addicted to something...anything...everything ..the more information/content and members the better... no copywrite intened


Welcome to imaddicted Art/Painting/Decorating

As an artist/painter and decorator I thought I would share my work, what I've learned, my expertise, knowledge and experiences....for others so that they can use the information for themselves. Whether your a d.i.y enthusiast, a wannabe, or a pro....or an up an coming new talent....

the reason for this is just really to help, that someone who just wants to learn the art....and needs encouragement, a boost when there down, have a laugh....and not to give up on becoming an Artist...

A Painter, A Decorator, An Interior Decorator, A Designer, A Developer, An Entrepreneur.

Look around, you never know what might catch your eye

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If your addicted to art, painting and decorating of any kind....join and connect...I'd love to have you as a member...

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